Thursday, 18 December 2014

Judds Bluff

Thursday 18th December 2014

View from Judds Bluff
As Judds Bluff is only a very short walk, I kept placing it in the walks to do basket. Today, I decided to bite the bullet and finally do it. I had no information on the walk, so I just figured that I would wing it and make something up. I did not know if there were any views from the bluff and I was not expecting too much. Just as well as the views were quite limited. Never the less it was not a bad walk.
I drove up from Judbury on Judds Creek Road to White Timber Trail, where I turned left and followed the road around to park just off the road where I intended to start the walk.
Forest near start of walk
I set off back down the road a little and then into the bush. It was not too bad walking, although there was some scrub in places and also lots of downed trees to climb over. The large downed trees came in handy when they were heading in the right direction, as I used them to walk along, thus avoiding some of the scrub. I walked down slightly and across a saddle and then up a slight rise and over to the bluff. The views were through the trees, so I could not see much. I then walked along the top of the bluff searching for better scenery, but it did not improve much. I did come across a small cairn of rocks on a large log where the "best" views were, so I assumed that that was indeed the spot. After a snack I walked back to the car, taking a slightly different route which proved to be less scrubby.
Overall an okay short walk with limited scenery, although the bush was quite nice. This walk is all off track. When I reached the car I drove up the road a little further where there were better views than from the bluff.
Distance: 3.1 kms.
Time: 2'45"
Ascent: 105 metres
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From Judds Bluff

From Judds Bluff

Forest at Judds Bluff

Cairn at Judds Bluff

Looking down from Judds Bluff

Mount Misery from access road

Looking down the Judds Creek valley from access road

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Arve Plains

Thursday 11th December 2014

Huon River
As the name suggests, Arve Plains is near the Arve River and is on the southern side of the Huon River. To reach the walk start, drive out from Judbury, past the Southwood Mill, over the bridge on the Huon River and turn right into Edwards Link Road and follow this to park opposite a large quarry. Edwards and Edward Link Roads connect Southwood Road to the Tahune Air walk and are good gravel roads.
4WD track near the start
After parking the car I walked along Edwards Link Road to a track that headed off in a northerly direction. This track had been used by 4WDs and was quite eroded in places with some puddles. I found the track that parallels the river and walked along it to find a track heading off north once again. I was hoping that this would lead down to the river, and it did, almost anyway. It lead across the plains where there were areas of black soil.
Black soil country on Arve Plains
The track stopped abruptly about 100 metres short of the river, so I scrub bashed down to the waters edge. The river was quite picturesque and I stopped for a few minutes enjoying the view.
Huon River

Huon River
I retraced my steps back to the main track with the intention of following it to gain access to the junction of the Weld and Huon Rivers. I reached a point where the scrub didn't appear to be too thick, so I headed across country to eventually come out right at the junction. Both rivers were flowing reasonably well and I found a good log down on the waters edge to have a sit and a snack.
Weld (straight ahead) and Huon Rivers

Weld and Huon Rivers

Huon River

Huon River

Nice tall trees at the junction
From here I walked back to the track and carried on until the track came to a sudden halt. I searched around for another track, but without success, so I started heading back to the car via an alternate track and finally Edwards Link Road. I have since looked on Google Earth and it appears that I was not far from another track which appears to head west down to another section of the river. Another day.
This was an enjoyable, easy and fairly flat short walk with lovely views of the river.
Distance: 10.4 kms.
Time: 3'30"
Ascent: 170 metres
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Arve Plains

Mount Frederick

Track heading towards the river junction

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Chauncy Vale

Friday 28th November 2014

Chauncy Vale Cave
This walk was to be in the Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary and Flat Rock Reserve. The route chosen was to walk along the cliffs containing the caves, to then walk across country to Devils Elbow and up to the Eastern and Western Lookouts and then back to the car, thus completing a circuit.
To get to Chauncy Vale drive up the Midland Highway from Hobart and turn onto Chauncy Vale Road at Bagdad and follow to the end. Either park just outside the gate or drive into the sanctuary and park in the parking area. A $2.00 donation is requested at a box just inside the gate.
Winter Track
I headed off up the Winter Track which lead gradually uphill to shortly arrive at the cliff line that contained the caves. Before reaching the cliffs I came across the memorial plaque for the Hutchins School Cabin site. The track meandered along at the base of the cliffs and soon I encountered some caves. I mistakenly started following the track which went downhill but soon found the error of my ways and scrambled back up to the cliffs. There were small caves and indentations along here.
Chauncy Vale Cave
The country was very dry and a fire would really take off in this area. As I was walking along I brushed up against some stinging nettle that I had not noticed and it stung for a short time. It is nothing like the Moonlighter in north Queensland where the stinging sensation can last for months. The first night is the worst because nothing relieves the pain. I carried on to a large outcrop of rock where I started going downhill steeply to the creek below. I found a nice shaded spot to stop for a snack before descending to the creek which had practically no water in it, although there was a slight trickle.
Browns Caves Creek
After crossing the creek I walked uphill and when I reached the top of this first ridge I came across a quaint seat in the middle of nowhere and an old walking track.
Rustic Seat
I followed the track for a short distance before heading off track and uphill to Devils Elbow where there were limited views. After this it was downhill to pick up the walking track and along this and another old track to just below the Eastern Lookout. Here I left the track and scrub bashed a short distance up to the top of the lookout. Here there were reasonable views all around. I stopped for lunch in the shade because it was quite warm.
Eastern Lookout
After lunch I headed down the track to Western Lookout where there were good views of the mountains behind Hobart.
From Western Lookout
I then walked back downhill to the car via the walking track with short deviations to Guvys Lagoon and Eves Bath on the way.
Overall a good walk in nice bush land. I saw plenty of wallabies and two echidnas.
Distance: 12.7 kms.
Time: 5'04"
Ascent: 730 metres
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Hutchins Cabin Memorial

Hutchins Cabin Site


Chauncy Vale Cave

Chauncy Vale Cave



Devils Elbow from Cliffs

Looking east from Eastern Lookout

Hobart from Eastern Lookout

Looking across to cliffs from Western Lookout

Guvys Lagoon

Eves Bath

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Mount Bridges

Sunday 23rd November 2014

Mount Bridges and Lake Seal
A good day was forecast so we decided on a trip out to Mount Field National Park to walk out to Mount Bridges. As my friends had not been on the back road from Judbury through to New Norfolk, we went this way for a change. The route was via the Plenty Link Road and then Plenty Valley Road which comes out just west of New Norfolk. It is shorter than going through Hobart and does save some time, but not much. It is a good gravel road with virtually no traffic.
The walk starts at the usual car park at Lake Dobson.
Lake Seal
WE set off up the Urquhart Track, ski lodge access track and then Snow Gum Track to several lookout points above Lake Seal. It was a perfect day with clear blue skies and the scenery was magnificent as usual. From there we walked along the boardwalk and down to the Rodway day shelter and ski tow where we stopped for a light snack before heading along the Tarn Shelf. The water looked inviting in the first tarn, but after feeling the water, a swim was quickly voted out of the question.
Tarn Shelf
At Johnston Tarn where the track rises up slightly, we turned and headed north east across an obvious saddle to Mount Bridges. There was a faint pad that tracked across and was a little damp in the actual saddle, with lots of small ponds. There was a short scramble over some rocks before the summit was reached. Here we stopped for lunch before heading back. Instead of walking back down the ski lodge access track, we headed over to the ski tow and other lodges and walked down the Golden Stairs track, which seems to be becoming more overgrown.
This was a great short walk with the usual fantastic scenery that Mount Field provides.
Distance: 11.1 kms.
Time: 5'18"
Ascent: 525 metres
Click here to download GPX file.
Mount Bridges

Lake Seal

Lake Seal

Looking across the saddle to Mount Bridges

From Mount Bridges

From Mount Bridges

On Mount Bridges

Nice tree in Mount Bridges saddle

Looking across the saddle to Mount Bridges

Lake Dobson from Golden Stairs track