Saturday, 4 July 2015

South Arm

Saturday 4th July 2015

Today was meant to be a walk to Collins Bonnet from Big Bend, but the weather on the mountain did not look too inviting as we drove into Hobart. Plan B was adopted, which was the short walk around Arm End on the South Arm peninsula. See previous post here.
As it turned out, the weather did improve, so we could have done Collins Bonnet after all, but instead had a relaxing amble around the peninsula.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Old Hartz Track

Saturday 27th June 2015

Sign indicating start of track
My wife and I have just spent 3 weeks travelling around the 3 eastern mainland states visiting family and friends, so that is why there has been no walking and no posts for that period. We ended up driving just on 7000 kms. but it was a great trip.
Having walked the lower part of the Old Hartz Track in 2013 and part of the upper track in 2011, I decided that I should complete the missing link section.
The walk commences on Bennetts Road, and to reach this, turn off the Tahune/Hartz Mountains road into Bennetts Road and drive for just over 12 kms. to the sign above. Just before reaching the sign you will notice a sign on the left indicating where the track from Kermandie arrives at Bennetts Road. The road is suitable for 2WD.
I started off walking downhill on Bennetts Spur 2 for about 400 metres until the road ran out and became a walking track. The track was quite wet and there were a number of downed trees across the track in the lower section. The track climbed steadily but not steeply until I reached the unnamed waterfall that I had visited last time. There was considerably more flow than last time.
Beside the track

Unnamed Waterfall

Unnamed Waterfall

Old Hartz Track upper section
I carried on climbing as the wind whistled above and it became colder and colder. I crossed a few small streams that were flowing strongly before reaching the site of the old hut.
Small Stream

Another Small Stream

Old Hut Site
From the old hut was only a short distance to the road. I had previously decided that I would walk to Lake Osbourne and Lake Perry as a destination, mainly to check out the access route to Devils Backbone for a later walk. I started along the track but the wind and rain picked up considerably and soon it was blowing a gale. It was freezing, so I had to quickly don some wet weather gear, mainly to keep me warm. I reached Lake Osbourne and found a track on the eastern side that was heading towards Lake Perry. As I crested a small hill the wind hit with full force but I could see the route to take to Lake Perry so I had the info I wanted, and beat a hasty retreat back down.
Lake Osbourne

Lake Osbourne

Devils Backbone

Lake Perry in the distance
For some variation I walked back to the road via the old track to Lake Osbourne. This was definitely a poor decision as the track was severely overgrown in places and not discernable in others, but having come so far I wasn't going to turn back. I carried on and eventually reached the road and then walked up to the start of the Old Hartz Track. After a short stop at the old hut site for lunch I started the descent. As is usually the case it was much harder to stay upright going downhill. The track was so slippery and I ended up falling over numerous times, much to my disgust. By the time I reached the car I was very tired and rather sore in the legs after not doing any serious walking for a month.
This was quite a good walk but probably best done in drier and finer part of the year.
Distance: 14.2 kms.
Time: 5'51"
Ascent: 660 metres
Click here to download GPX file.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Brown Mountain

Tuesday 26th May 2015

Brown Mountain
This is the Brown Mountain near Runnymede in the South East of Tasmania. To reach the walk start, drive out to Runnymede and turn into Woodsdale Road, and drive about 4.2 kms. to park beside the road.
I set off and jumped the gate across the access road where there was a sign stating that Quarry Operations were in progress and to Keep Out, basically. No quarry operations were happening, and had not for quite some time, I would say. The track was in excellent condition and gradually headed uphill. It was easy walking. Brown Mountain is in Levendale State Forest and once the forest was reached the track started to become a little steeper, but nothing hard. It appeared as there had been some controlled burn offs as much of the forest had been burnt.
Track through State Forest
After 4.3 kms. from the start I reached a cairn beside the track indicating where the summit track started. This was basically where the road reached its high point. A short scramble of about 300 metres over rocks took me to the summit.
Summit Track Marker

Summit Track

Looking up to the Summit
There were pretty good views from the summit, but I didn't stay too long as a cold breeze was blowing. As the walk to Brown Mountain is quite short, time wise, I had decided to walk to a hill with no name that was north west of Brown Mountain. I could see it from the summit and it looked promising.
From Brown Mountain Summit

Brown Mountain Summit Trig

From Brown Mountain Summit

From Brown Mountain Summit

No Name Hill

From Brown Mountain Summit
I walked back to the road and followed it around towards No Name Hill, and as I approached its base, I left the track and walked steeply uphill over rocks to reach the summit. There were several flat areas of rock up here and it was quite pleasant. There were some views but others were restricted by trees.
No Name Hill Summit

From No Name Hill

Brown Mountain from No Name Hill

Rocky Cliffs over towards Brown Mountain

From No Name Hill

From No Name Hill
 After scrambling down from the summit I followed the track back to the base of Brown Mountain and branched off on a track on the northern side of the mount. This went downhill, steeply in places, to eventually meet the outward leg. This turned out to be a good move in the end, as it was shorter and provided some variation. I would much rather do a circuit walk than an out and back the same way walk.
In the end this turned out to be quite a good walk, and fairly easy as well, as most of it was on good track with just a couple of short scrambles to the summits.
Click here to download GPX file.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Mount Wellington Circuit

Saturday 16th May 2015

From South Wellington Summit
For the past seven weeks I have been battling a knee injury which I sustained on the Glen Dhu Rivulet walk, so my walking has been a little limited. The weather over the last two weeks has not been ideal for walking either, with wind and rain, so, when the forecast for today was good, I decided to bight the bullet and go for a walk. I chose this walk because it was not too far from home, and, even though I had done it a few times before, my friends had not.
For route details etc. see here.
We set off from The Springs and then up the Ice House Track to South Wellington summit. It was cold but soon most were stripping off coats and jackets as we climbed upwards. There were ice puddles and a few small drifts of snow. The day was perfectly clear and it was a delight to be out walking again. The views from South Wellington were great as usual. From there we walked over to Mount Wellington summit where there were heaps of people and lots of kids playing in the snow. We then walked down the road to the Panorama Track, down to the Chalet and Organ Pipes track and back to the car. There were a couple of rock climbers on the Organ Pipes.
Overall a great day, and best of all, is that my knee is fine.
South Wellington Summit
South Wellington

South Wellington

South Wellington

Mount Wellington

Organ Pipes