Sunday, 25 November 2012

Trestle Mountain

Sunday 25th November 2012

Trestle Mountain from East West Trail
I had previously walked up Trestle Mountain from the end of Mountain River Road last year and enjoyed that walk so decided to try it from Myrtle Forest.
I started the walk at the Myrtle Forest car park and walked up the track to the junction for Collins Cap and Collins Bonnett. Instead of walking up to the Collins Cap trail I chose to walk up to the East West trail via the Collins Bonnet track. I knew that this would provide me with more up than the other way but I was fine about that.
Collins Cap from Collins Bonnet Track
It was a steady climb of about 600 metres in just over 3 kms. before I reached the East West trail and then it was downhill and on to the short cut at Glen Dhu Rivulet before encountering the East West trail again. Here I turned left and found the ascent track for Trestle Mountain. The track climbed steadily uphill over boulders before coming out at the summit. It had taken me 45" to climb up. The views were great at the top. The last time I had been it was in cloud and I could not see a thing.
From Collins Bonnet track
I spent about 15" here and climbed up on the boulders on the top to get a good view. I walked back down and back to the car via the Collins Cap trail. This was a very enjoyable walk with fantastic views.
Distance: 11.4 kms.
Time: 5'00"
Ascent: 912 metres
Click here to download GPX track.

Collins Bonnet from Trestle Mountain

Collins Cap from Trestle Mountain

Mount Marian from Trestle Mountain

Trestle Mountain

Looking towards the Huon

Trestle Mountain Summit

East West Trail from Trestle Mountain

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Mount Dromedary

Saturday 10th November 2012

Mount Dromedary Summit
The aim of today's walk was to climb Mount Dromedary and then go on and do Platform Peak as well. All did not go to plan as I ran out of time in the end because I had to be home by a certain time.
To reach the start of the walk drive out to New Norfolk and turn right over the bridge towards Black Hills and finally turn right into Braslins Road and drive to the end.
I started walking about 0830 and walked around the locked gate and uphill on a good forestry track. It was wet in places with flowing water, but nothing serious and after 30 minutes I came to a junction. I kept heading in an easterly direction before coming to another junction which I noted as I was coming back this way. I carried on straight ahead and after a while the track started heading south.
Along the track to Mount Dromedary
Soon I passed the junction with the track that I was going to return on and kept going south to find the marked track to the summit. The track was easy to follow and after about 50 minutes of climbing I reached the top. There were good views here.
From Mount Dromedary
As I wanted to go to Platform Peak as well, I didn't waste too much time here and climbed back down to the road track and turned left onto the track I had previously seen. This track went down to Little Marsh and paralleled the western side of it. It was quite pleasant walking in this area. After crossing a small creek the track went back uphill to meet the outgoing track. I walked back to the first junction and walked along the track in a northerly direction towards Platform Peak. I did not know were I was really going, only that I had a track on the map in my GPS that went to the summit. This proved to be totally inaccurate in the end. Anyway I came to a good road which was heading in the right direction and then turned left onto another track and searched for the ascent track. I could not find it so I retraced and found another track and at the end some tapes. I followed these but it was not a defined track and I was running out of time, so decided to abandon my attempt and walked back to the car.
This was a good walk with good views and even though I did not get to Platform Peak I enjoyed it.
Note: I have since learned where the track is and have done Platform Peak. If I had kept going along the taped trail for another 30 metres, I would have come across the track!!
Distance: 21.1 kms.
Time: 6'24"
Ascent: 808 metres
Click here to download GPX track.
From Mount Dromedary

From Mount Dromedary

From Mount Dromedary

From Mount Dromedary

Platform Peak