These are just a few ramblings about myself.

I have lived in Judbury, Tasmania since May 2012 having previously lived in Finch Hatton which is west of Mackay in sunny Queensland for many years. Prior to moving here I spent about 1 month every year for a number of years travelling around Tassie walking and enjoying the beauty of the countryside. To cut a long story short, my partner and I fell in love with the place and moved here permanently, a decision neither of us has regretted.

I decided to start writing this blog to assist others in finding information on bush walking, mainly in the south east of the state, as I found it difficult myself to gather information on some of the more obscure destinations. Hopefully this will be of help to others. Although I do walk to some of the more familiar destinations, I also like planning walks to places where few people tend to go. Sometimes these plans work out and sometimes not, but it is always enjoyable having a go.

The times that I have given for the walks include short breaks for snacks or lunch and the fact that I am in my early seventies also needs to be accounted for.  i.e. I am not as fast as I once was!!

If you require any information please use the contact form on this blog.

If anyone has any comments either positive or negative, please feel free to add them. Any anonymous comments may be deleted at my discretion.

Please note that Tasmanian weather can change very quickly, so if walking in high country, always be prepared for whiteout conditions and carry suitable warm and weather proof clothing and be confident with navigation when there is no visibility.


  1. I have been excited to read about Fishers Point. Would love to have permission to use some of the photographs. My GG grandfather was Captain Edward Fisher. Yes, Fisher of Fishers Point.

    1. Yes, please feel free to use photos of Fishers Point. Great to have some history like that.

  2. Hi sorry about recent shut down of our site back online, if you wish to add the link back to your site please let me know so I can add you to the approved user list, else it will not work.
    Kind regards, Tony

  3. Hi Denis, I am interested in walks around the Geeveston area and would love to get in touch with you. Is there a possibility you could contact me? Sharon 0417308069

  4. Hi Dennis,
    Would you mind if we use one of your photos of a Chauncy Vale cave in Island magazine? We are a Hobart-based arts and culture magazine with a national readership. Please let me know how I can best attribute the image to you, and I'm happy to send you a copy of the magazine if you could give me a postal address. You can reach me at

  5. Hi Denis,

    I'm interested in coming along on some of your walks. I'm staying in Cygnet for the next six weeks and a good walk in this general area would be good. I've done a couple north of Hobart recently, to platform Peak ( Mt Direction, and I'd like to do something in the Huon area, probably some that you can't really do safely solo. please let me know how we could arrange this. My email is


  6. Hi Denis

    I'm currently working on an orientation panel to be erected at the Springs on Mt Wellington. On the panel we are including brief descriptions of a number of walks leaving from the Springs, including a thumbnail pic to go with each one. I'd love to use one of your Junction Cabin images. Would you be happy for me to do that? We would of course credit you on the panel.
    You can contact me at
    Kind regards