Monday 24 March 2014

Little Lagoon Beach

Sunday 23rd March 2014

Little Lagoon Beach from Eliza Point
The last time I attempted to walk to Little Lagoon Beach I was defeated by the wet and muddy conditions, but this time I made it easily, as it was quite dry.
I started at South Cape Spur 1 just before the locked gate, but this time I decided to ride my bike to the second locked gate, which saves about 3 kms. of road walking. I reached the gate in no time and after stashing the bike in the bush, I set off walking. It was much better walking today, not having to try and dodge all the waterholes. After following the track for some time I crested a small rise where some restoration work had taken place and decided on taking a slightly different track than last time. This proved to be a good idea as it was relatively easy walking.
Black Swan Lagoon
After some time the track climbed a small rise and at the top is where the views began. Black Swan Lagoon, Little Lagoon Beach, Fishers Point and Sullivan Point were all clearly visible. The beach looked spectacular and I was looking forward to walking along it. The track descended to the dunes and followed along the top of the dunes before ending at the beach. I walked along the beach in a south westerly direction to where the lagoon met the sea. There was no flow of water out of the lagoon and I would suspect that this happens rarely or not at all. I continued on down the beach to Sullivan Point, and curiosity got the better of me, so I had to walk out along the rocks to the point to see what I could see. Here were good views of Recherche Bay and Catamaran etc. I then walked back to the beach and had morning tea.
Sullivan Point
There were hundreds of small dead fish washed up on the beach. There did not appear to be anything wrong with them, apart from being dead that is. I think they were leatherjackets, but I am no expert. I then walked back along the beach towards Eliza Point. The weather was great and even though there was a north westerly wind blowing, the beach was protected. After about 2.5 kms. I reached the point and found an old track heading inland. It was very overgrown near the beach with head high bracken fern but this didn't last long and it soon became easy walking. The track went inland for a time before heading down to the point. This looked like a good spot for lunch so this is where I stopped for a while. After lunch I walked back up hill and turned right to see where this track led.
Eliza Point.
As it turned out, the track led down to a lovely little secluded and sheltered bay and I immediately thought that it would be a great camping spot.
I headed back and turned right at a junction in the track to walk back to the outward track.
This section proved to be the most overgrown section of the walk but generally it was not too bad to follow except for a couple of sections near the outward leg. I had to scrub bash a little sometimes picking up the track and then losing it again. I made it back to the outward track and walked back to the locked gate. As I was approaching it I came across 3 guys on dirt bikes and had a chat with them. After retrieving my bike I cycled back to the car, being passed rather quickly by the 3 bikes.
This was a great walk and I enjoyed it immensely and it was great walking on the beach where there were no other footprints but mine.
Distance: 21.5 kms. (15.5 kms. walking and 6.0 kms. bike)
Time: 5'10"
Ascent: 340 metres
Click here to download GPX track.
Fishers Point

Black Swan Lagoon meets the beach

Eliza Point

Black Swan Lagoon

Black Swan Lagoon

Dead Fish(Leatherjacket?)

Sullivan Point


Eliza Point

Secluded camping spot

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