Thursday, 4 September 2014

Mount Frederick

Thursday 4th September 2014

Mount Frederick Summit
About 2 months ago I attempted to walk to Mount Frederick but chose the wrong route and ended up with a major scrub bash on my hands. I walked up the eastern ridge and was attempting to approach the summit from the east. I managed to reach the top of the ridge okay but the scrub was so thick and unrelenting, that I abandoned that attempt, even though I could see the summit about 1.3 kms. away. Thanks to Becca, who kindly provided me with the correct route, I made it this time.
Nevada Peak and Snowy South in the morning from car park
To reach the walk start you need to drive out from Judbury through Lonnavale, Denison Road, Weld Road and South Weld Road past Glovers Bluff and turn into a logging coup. Included in map below and GPX file.
There was some cloud on the peaks but it looked like it would be a good day. I set off at 0740, up on the old logging track for about 250 metres before meeting the forest. The climb up was relatively steep for about 500 metres or so before levelling out somewhat. There were some downed trees to climb over or around. Once I got into the flatter section there was some tall Pandani and also some cutting grass and also some sections of scrub which were not too bad in comparison to the previous attempt.
Pandani in the flatter section
At the end of the flatter section was the final climb up to the summit. The scrub became smaller the higher I reached and was quite stunted up on the summit. It was quite wet also, with lots of pools of water. The views were okay, but the nearby ranges did have some cloud cover. There was a solar powered communications set up and a small cairn here. After a snack I began the walk back down and by the time I reached the car I was feeling a little tired. I did manage to fall over a few times coming down, as it was quite steep in places. I ended up wet and dirty, but quite satisfied that I had made it.
It is not a bad walk and the views are quite good from the summit. It must also be noted that the entire walk is off track.
Distance: 6.6 kms.
Time: 6'20"
Ascent: 450 metres
Click here to download GPX track.
Below are various views from the summit.

Nevada Peak and Snowy South in the afternoon almost cloud free

Walk Route

Road Access

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