Monday, 19 January 2015

Dora Falls

Monday 19th January 2015

Dora Falls
As we had some recent rain I figured that there should be a good flow over Dora Falls, so I decided to check it out. I had no information on the falls or access so just made something up. As it turned out I ended up driving much further than necessary and also walked further than I needed to, but that was okay, as I was not in a rush.
To reach the walk start, I drove up Judds Creek Road from Judbury to White Timber Trail and turned left and followed the forestry road for 10.5 kms. before turning left and driving down to the start. I could have simply driven up Jacobsons Road from Judbury which is much shorter. I was not sure if this road was gated or not so I checked it out on the way home and it was all clear. I could have also driven much closer to the falls, but was not sure of the roads in the area.
Forestry Road
I set off down a forestry road which eventually crossed Dora Creek, which was flowing well, so I had high expectations that the falls would be good. after a short while I came to an old track on the left and walked down this towards the creek. I could hear that it was flowing well. The track did a right angled turn and shortly after this I headed into the scrub and walked down to where I thought the falls were. It was very steep going and when I eventually reached the creek bed there were no falls to be seen. I only had rough coordinates so I had to go searching. Of course I chose the wrong direction and headed upstream. I had only gone a short distance and decided that it didn't look like there were any falls in that direction. Once I headed downstream a 100 metres or so I came to the top of the falls. They were quite spectacular from what I could see over the edge. I then had to climb up and then down to the base of the falls. There were great with a very good flow. There was so much water that it was creating its own wind.
Dora Falls Top
Dora Creek

Dora Falls

Dora Falls

Dora Falls
Looking over the top of the falls

Dora Falls

I then left the falls and followed a rough track that went along the east bank. I was not sure where it
was heading, but assumed that it was the normal access track. I didn't know if it went into private property or not, and not wanting to upset anyone, I crossed the creek and headed uphill to meet the old track once more and then back to the car.
This was a good walk and the falls were spectacular.
Distance: 7.7 kms.
Time: 4'30"
Ascent: 516 metres
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  1. Very impressive falls! Great photos. Looks like a good walk.

    1. Yes Jack, not a bad walk, although very steep getting down to the falls the way I went. Would be much easy coming up the creek but I don't know where the walk would start from. Probably on private property.