Sunday, 8 March 2015

Mount Hobbs and Rayners Hill

Saturday 7th March 2015

Mount Hobbs Summit
Today was a walk up to Mount Hobbs and then a circuit walk to Rayners Hill, just to make it a bit longer and worthwhile. I decided to walk from Dares Road, which is off Woodsdale Road in the Levendale area. Another possible approach may be from Kellys Road, but I don't know if there is a gate on that road. Note: See comments at the end of the post concerning some of the roads in the area.
I found a spot to park off the road and set off up an old forestry track. It was quite easy walking and not very steep.
Forestry track heading uphill
After about 1.3 kms. I crossed over Kellys Road and a further 1.0 km. on came to the locked gate. This was easily walked around and I kept climbing. somewhat more steeply and eventually reached Mount Hobbs summit. There was a vast array of communication buildings and towers and it was like a little village. It took me exactly an hour to reach the summit.
Fire Tower

Multi Communication Mast

Everything is Solar Powered up here

Fire Tower and other Comms. Building
I climbed up the fire tower, but was thwarted by a locked trapdoor on the uppermost level, so had to be content taking photos from the level below. There were good views all around, although the day was a little grey and hazy.
From Summit - Maria Island in the distance

From Summit

From Summit
I found a good lookout rock to perch on for a snack. Luckily it was sheltered from the wind which was icy cold.
Lookout Rock
I spent some time up here having a good look around and then walked back down to the locked gate and then turned off onto an old track. This track eventually petered out and I had to scrub bash down to the road. It was not too bad and I did pick up some track here and there. After reaching the road I followed it for a couple of  kms. to the turnoff to Rayners Hill. Rayners Hill is really not much of a hill at all but the forest was quite nice. I found a good spot right on the summit, or what I perceived to be the summit anyhow, and had some lunch. It was rather pleasant here.
Rayners Hill Summit and Lunch Spot
I then followed the track until it ran out and then walked through the low scrub to pick up another track. I walked along this for a short way before taking to the scrub again to find the track that runs along the eastern boundary of the state forest. This went down to a dry creek and then up quite steeply. The track was very eroded in this section from bikes and quad bikes.
Eroded Track
I then came to some sandstone cliffs which were quite impressive. Similar to Bluff River Gorge but nowhere near as expansive, of course.

From the cliffs I followed the track back to the road and then along this to the track that runs off Kellys Road and back to the car.
This was an enjoyable walk and the sandstone cliffs were a real bonus.
Distance: 15.1 kms.
Time: 5'13"
Ascent: 774 metres
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  1. the road you crossed was not Kellys road it is H road a forestry road. Mt Hobbs is private land except for an acre around the fire tower

    1. Thanks for that. The road I crossed is a forestry road but is an extension of Kellys Road. Mount Hobbs is surrounded by private land but the access is a Forestry easement so essentially the walk was all in Forestry managed land. This I confirmed on the government's Listmap site.

  2. That forestry road comes out opposite new country marsh road i have driven it often there is a locked gate. Kellys road is about 500 mts towatds levendale as far as i know it does not join the H road