Friday, 19 February 2016

Arthurs Peak

Thursday 18th February 2016

Crescent Mountain in the rain
 Unfortunately, I did not choose a very good day weather wise to do this walk today as it was rainy and windy, but apart from that it was a nice walk. I had been to Arthurs Peak before but wanted to check out some more of the Three Capes Track, so I decided to combine the two.
It was quite fine when I left home but it started raining about halfway down to the Tasman Peninsula. Of course I was optimistic that it would clear up. It didn't really.
I set off from the car park at Fortescue Bay and along the old Cape Pillar track for about an hour to the Arthurs Peak turnoff. There used to be a sign here but that has been removed. A few cairns still mark the junction.
Sign at the start of Cape Pillar track

Start of Arthurs Peak track
The rain persisted as I walked along the Arthurs Peak track. The track is more overgrown now than when I last did it but it can be followed reasonably easily, requiring some pushing through the scrub in places. I reached the base of Arthurs Peak and climbed up coming upon a boot cleaning station on the track, which is new. After that it was a short walk up to the Three Capes Track. This track climbed steeply up to Arthurs Peak via stone steps which was easier than walking along the cliff edge, but not as much fun. At the top I met six walkers doing the Three Capes Track and they had come from the Surveyors Cove huts that morning and were going to Munro camp on Cape Pillar.
There was no view at all from here as visibility was no more than 50 metres. I got out my camera to take some shots anyway and discovered that it was not working. I think it ingested some rainwater and refused to work. I started down the Three Capes Track and then remembered that I had my phone with me so took a few photos along the way which are not real good but I will include them anyway.
Three Capes Track

Three Capes Track
 There is a sign at this seat with a story about it. Apparently it was supposed to be located 1.0 km. further along the track but could not be placed there due to nesting eagles which tend to attack helicopters. They tried to relocate it by hand but it is too heavy. The photo does not convey the size properly, as it is quite large.
Three Capes Track

On Three Capes Track
As I reached an open area of the track the skies partially cleared for a moment to grab a few quick photos.

The track now left the coast line and headed inland through some nice forest to eventually arrive at the old Cape Pillar track junction. Along the way was another elaborate seat.
Three Capes Track

"Love in the Woods" seat

"Love in the Woods" seat

Sign on Three Capes Track at junction with Cape Pillar Track

Cape Pillar track junction
Once I reached here it was simply a matter of following the old Cape Pillar track back to the car.
This was an enjoyable walk despite the weather and for some better photos check out my previous post here.
Distance: 19.8 kms.
Time: 5'43"
Ascent: 600 metres
Click here to download GPX file.


  1. Thank you for your notes and photos Denis. You confirmed for me where the start of the Arthurs Peak track was. I took a photo of it as I came back from a day walk from Cape Pillar and suspected it might be the track. It sounds like a scrub pants and gaiters job.

    1. No problem Marian. Yes it would be advisable to wear leg protection as there is some low scrub to push through.