Sunday, 15 May 2016

Coningham Reserve

Sunday 15th May 2016

Legacy Beach Coningham Reserve
The weather looked a little unsettled when I was driving towards the start of the walk at Coningham Beach, but not overly concerning. I had done this walk before, but decided to do it again, as I had a new walker with me today, and did not want anything too strenuous. I have not actually written it up before so here it is, although there is not much to say about it as it is quite simple.
We set off from the car park at Coningham Beach and walked northwards along the track to Stubbings Street and then Coningham  and Hopwood Roads and into the reserve. After completing a small loop it was then along the reserve boundary to pick up an overgrown track through the bush to Old Station Road. We walked along Old Station Road for about a kilometre before heading back into the reserve at the south western entrance.
The track followed along the ridge line of Sheppards Hill before descending to Snug Point. It was about here that it started raining quite heavily, and, as yours truly does not like wearing a raincoat, he got rather wet, didn't he. My companion was much wiser. We took the short detour down to the stairs that go down to the base of the cliffs and then down to the cave, but it was too wet and slippery to attempt to get down to the entrance of the cave. No photos here as it was too wet.
As we were ascending from the cave the sun came out in all its glory and remained out until we arrived back at the cars. The cliff top walk is quite scenic with views to Bruny Island and Tinderbox. We followed this back via Legacy Beach and Coningham Beach to the cars.

 This is a good short walk through some nice bush.
Distance: 11.1 kms.
Time: 3'20"
Ascent: 440 metres
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  1. It just so happens I did the same walk yesterday! Nice pics Denis, it's a good spot

    1. Thanks for that. It is a good short walk and you probably had better weather than we did.