Saturday, 24 September 2016

Dora and Eldon Falls

Saturday 24th September 2016

Dora Falls
I had previously walked to Dora and Eldon Falls separately and decided to make a small circuit walk out of the combination. The walk start is on Jacobsons Road just west of Judbury.
I followed the old track that I previously used and then took a more direct line to the base of Dora Falls. It was still steep going and I was glad to reach the creek bed. The falls were flowing reasonably well but not quite as much as the last time I was here.

Steep slope to Dora Falls

Steep slope to Dora Falls

Dora Falls

Dora Falls
I located the small side creek that entered just below Dora Falls and started walking up it. I sometimes walked in the creek, beside the creek, or higher up the bank depending on the terrain and vegetation. It took me a hour to walk the 900 metres upstream to Eldon Falls. It was slow going with lots of trees to clamber over.

Heading upstream to Eldon Falls

Looking downstream from a cascade

Looking upstream

Eldon Falls

Eldon Falls

Looking downstream from base of Eldon Falls

Looking down the creek from base of Eldon Falls
After an early lunch I climbed steeply out of the creek and up and over the hill and down to Dora Creek. I crossed this and after a short steep climb reached the old vehicle track and walked back to the car.
A very satisfying short walk with enough steepness to get the heart beating. The majority of this walk is off track and passes through some steep country but the falls are worth the effort.
Distance: 3.8 kms.
Time: 3'06"
Ascent: 307 metres
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