Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Bee Tree Hill

Wednesday 9th November 2016
Bee Tree Hill
Bee Tree Hill is an obscure little hill near the Southwood Mill outside of Judbury and the walk to it is quite short. I added a bit more to make it a circuit walk but it was still rather short.
I parked in a forestry road about 750 metres after crossing over the bridge on the Huon River. It was a short distance up Southwood Road to the Bracken Ridge Trail. This was followed uphill for about 3.0 kms. before taking an overgrown track on the left that went up to the top of Bee Tree Hill. Bracken ridge Trail is a designated 4WD track and hence there is some erosion here and there. The track does pass through some nice forest in sections.

Looking across to the Weld

Southwood Mill

Bracken Ridge Trail

Bracken Ridge Trail

Some large trees and nice forest

Track up to Bee Tree Hill
 Once up the top I kept following the track as it went downhill where it did become more overgrown in places but still easy to discern from the surrounding bush. There were no views from the top but I was not expecting any. Once I walked down a fair way I came to a private property sign with quite explicit instructions about what not to do. This was okay as I had not intended going much further, so from here I took to the scrub and walked over to an old track and downhill towards the Huon River.
Once near the river I ventured into the scrub once more to avoid any private property. I think I achieved this but I am not quite sure. I walked along She Oak Road for a short distance before walking over to the river bank and finding a nice spot for morning tea. The river was flowing well.

Huon River

Huon River

Huon River
After the break it was an easy amble back to the car along She Oak Road.

Bridge across the Huon
This was an okay short walk and quite easy.
Distance: 9.3 kms.
Time: 3'07"
Ascent: 480 metres
Click here to download GPX file.

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