Friday, 6 January 2017

Coningham Reserve

Friday 6th January 2017

Towards Bruny Island
I have done quite a few walks in the Coningham Reserve and this one is a little different as it skirts around a substantial amount of the reserve boundary.
I parked in Old Station Road at one entrance to the reserve and set off uphill on the old track. Soon I branched off onto a walking/bike track and headed over to the southern boundary of the reserve where there is a fence line indicating the border between reserve and private property. This is where the private property starts and not where the sign indicates. Once I reached the fence it was just a simple matter of following it down to the coast. It was easy walking with pads to follow.

Ridge line

Following the fence down

Towards Bruny Island

Towards Bruny Island and South
 On arriving at the beach at Peartree Bay I started heading north along the coast. The walking was on small pebbles and easy but soon it became impossible to walk along at water level due to the sandstone cliffs. I had to ascend and followed a rough pad along the cliff tops.

Peartree Bay

Creek running into Peartree Bay

Looking north at Peartree Bay

Simmonds Point

I passed the fish farm and eventually arrived at the access steps. I did not bother going down as I had been before.

From the steps I simply joined up with the Coningham Clifftops walk which basically goes back to Coningham Beach. I did deviate to the cave on the way.

Coningham Beach
When I arrived at Coningham Beach I walked up the road and into the reserve once again following an old road uphill towards Sheppards Hill before branching off onto a walking/bike track which took me back almost to the start.
A really good easy walk with nice scenery.
Distance: 9.7 kms.
Time: 3'23"
Ascent: 470 metres
Click here to download GPX file.

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