Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Mount Field Ramble

Tuesday 21st November 2017

Mount Field National Park
The walk today was just something that I made up, and though only short in distance, it took about 5 hours because most of it was off track.
I parked in the upper Mount Field East car park and set off up to Seagers Lookout. It was a perfect day with clear skies and very little wind and there were great views from up there. There was more snow than what I had been expecting especially after the record high temperatures for November. It reached 27 degrees on the walk today and that was quite pleasant.

After Seagers Lookout I walked back down the track a short distance before heading through the scrub in a northerly direction towards peak 1251 metres. The scrub was mostly low and not too bad but there was some rock hopping as well. I visited about 3 different lookout points on the peak and there were really good views from all of them.

The Scrub

Peak 1251 metres

On peak 1251

From 1251

Mount Field East from 1251

Lake Nicholls from 1251

From 1251

From 1251

From 1251
 From 1251 I made my way over to 1228 peak crossing over the Mount Field East Track on the way. There was more low scrub and rock hopping this way but it was okay. It was much easier walking this way today as opposed to when I tried to walk it in the snow in August.

Lake Fenton from 1228

On 1228

Looking back the way I had come from 1251
From 1228 I headed straight down to Lake Fenton.  It was not as easy as all that as there were several boulder fields with some massive rocks and a short section of nuisance scrub but it did not take me too long to get down.

Boulder field and Pandani

Snow Gums and Pandani
When I arrived at Lake Fenton, I found a nice spot on the water's edge and had some lunch. There were small fish swimming around and it was so peaceful there.

Lake Fenton

Lake Fenton
After lunch I ambled back to the car.


Lake Fenton from dam wall
This was an interesting walk on a picture perfect day. Most of the walk is off track and there is plenty of rock hopping.
Distance: 6.8 kms.
Time: 5'01"
Ascent: 330 metres
Click here to download GPX file.

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