Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Echo Sugarloaf

Wednesday 7th February 2018

Randalls Bay and Huon River from summit Echo Sugarloaf
Just a short walk today mainly to check out the new track to Echo Sugarloaf which was opened last week. I had previously walked Echo Sugarloaf but used a different route - see Cray Point walk. The new track has been constructed by the Friends of Randalls Bay Coast Care in conjunction with National Parks, I think. They have done an excellent job on the track.
As the new track is only 2.2 kms. one way I decided to start at Mickeys Beach and throw in a few variations to extend the walk. I drove in and parked at Mickeys Beach and headed straight down to the beach. The weather was great with no wind and it was very pleasant on the beach by myself.

Mickeys Beach

Mickeys Beach
At the eastern end of the beach I scrambled up the cliffs to the track and walked around to the point at Randalls Bay.

Randalls Bay

Looking down the Channel

At the point Randalls Bay
From there I kept going to Randalls Bay beach and walked the length of it before exiting to the road.

Randalls Bay

Randalls Bay

Randalls Bay
The new track starts off Williams Street at the same location that provides access to the State Reserve. The track climbed steadily with an elevation gain of only 200 metres to the trig point at the summit. It was pleasant walking with nice open bush and a wetland/pond was passed along the way with a viewing platform, but no birds were evident.

Walking along the ridge of Echo Sugarloaf

Port Cygnet from summit
Once the trig marker is reached that is the track end, but they are hoping to continue it on when funds become available to make a loop walk. This would not be too difficult as I have walked down from the ridge to the track start previously. There are some tapes that continue further along the ridge which is possibly the suggested route, but I just kept walking in a southerly direction, mostly following the tapes, and when they ended I just kept going down through the scrub to the coast. The scrub was not too bad and it did not take too long to get there. I had a bit of a scramble down to the beach and walked west back to Randalls Bay. If coming this way make sure the tide is out otherwise it would be a bash through the scrub above the beach.

Garden Island

Heading west along the shore

Nice little isolated beach
There was a mixture of beach and rock hopping and once I reached the point on the eastern end of Randalls Bay, there was a bit of wadding in waist high water to get to the point. I could have scrambled up and over but it looked quite steep and the water was cool and refreshing.

Garden Island

The point where I had to wade

Garden Island Bay

At the eastern point

At the eastern point
Once back on dry land I climb up the track that runs along the top of the cliffs and walked back to Randalls Bay and eventually to the car. The day was still exceptionally pleasant.

Little beach on the way back to Mickeys Beach
This was a very enjoyable short walk in delightful weather. If just doing the Echo Sugarloaf track and returning the same way, it is 4.4 kms. and expect to take about 1'40".
Today's walk.
Distance: 8.8 kms.
Time 3'16"
Ascent: 350 metres
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  1. Great description. The return track on Echo Sugarloaf was completed November 2020, so the walk is now a loop.