Saturday, 23 August 2014

Hartz Peak

Saturday 23rd August 2014

Mount Snowy and Hartz Peak
Today I went for a walk to Hartz Peak with a couple of friends, on a fantastic clear day, and the scenery from the top was simply stunning. Most of the previous times I have been here the peak was shrouded in cloud and visibility was limited, but not today.
The start is easily reached by turning off at Geeveston and following the signs. National Parks Pass required.
I won't write much of a description as the walk is describe in many other places and is easy to walk.
We set off early before everyone else, and that proved to be a good move, as we ended up having the peak to ourselves while we were up there.
The walk is on boardwalk for a lot of the way and we detoured to check out Lake Esperance on the way up. Just below Hartz Pass we encountered some snow, but it was not too difficult to cross, and after the final climb we reached the summit. As I said previously, the views were great, but the wind came up and it became quite cold, so we didn't linger too long. On the descent we started to meet hikers walking up and this became a regular occurrence. Even a couple in shorts and T shirts. I didn't think it was that warm. We continued on down to find the car park full.
This is a great iconic walk in south east Tasmania with fantastic views on a good day.
Distance: 8.1 kms.
Time: 3'26"
Ascent: 480 metres
Click here to download GPX track.
Lake Esperance

Hartz Mountains

Mount Snowy

Snow at Hartz Pass

From Hartz Pass

Hartz Lake

Hartz Lake

Looking West

Looking South West

Looking South West


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