Friday, 15 August 2014

Pelverata and Slippery Falls

Thursday 14th August 2014

Top of Pelverata Falls
The aim of today's outing was to walk to the top of Pelverata Falls and then around to the top of Slippery Falls. I had been to the top of Pelverata Falls in February 2013 but the creek had been completely dry then, so I expected a somewhat better flow today. I was pleasantly surprised as the creek was flowing well.
The walk starts in Van Morey Road out from Margate, the last 2 kms. being definitely 4WD.
Today I was joined by a companion, which made a nice change, as I usually walk on my own.
We set off at 0845 on a perfect day for walking. The sky was so clear. There was a few small patches of snow/ice on the side of the road, but it wasn't overly cold.
Old Boiler beside the road - from an ancient sawmill I think
The 4WD track was in the usual condition for this time of year, that is full of muddy puddles which were easily skirted around.. We passed the Morrison Hill and Grey Mountain turn offs and kept heading west on the Pelverata Falls track. The old sawmill site was noted on the left and the remains of an old boiler on the right. The track went downhill from here to the right turn to the falls.The road had small streams flowing down it so I was hopeful of a good flow over the falls. After making the turn we just walked down the track to Pelverata Falls. The track showed lots of activity from 4WDs but we did not see anyone all day.
Pelverata Creek just before the falls
As expected there was a good flow in the creek and the falls looked great. It was difficult to obtain a really good shot of the falls, because I had to inch close to the cliff edge, and went as far as I was comfortable.
Top of Pelverata Falls
There were great views out to the Wellington Range and the weather remained exceptionally clear. Across the valley we could see Slippery Falls, which was our next destination. After a short break we climbed back up to the 4WD track area and searched for a track leading to Slippery Falls.
Slippery Falls taken from Pelverata Falls
It didn't take long to spot a tape in the scrub, so we headed off following a lightly used pad through the bush. It was marked with tapes here and there and was generally fairly easy to follow. There was also one section which was quite overgrown but it didn't last long. Soon we could hear the cascade as the track descended to the top of Slippery Falls. Pelverata Falls could be clearly seen across the valley.
Pelverata Falls from Slippery Falls
There was a reasonable flow in Slippery Creek as well and we decided that this would be a good spot for an early lunch. After a short break we retraced our steps back to the car.
This was an enjoyable walk, and, although the majority is on 4WD tracks, the scenery in the falls area was great. It was also good to have someone along to share it with.
Distance: 14.2 kms.
Time: 4'55"
Ascent: 405 metres
Click here to download GPX track.
Between the two falls

Top of Pelverata Falls

Top of Pelverata Falls

Looking out from Pelverata Falls

Slippery Falls


  1. Thanks Peter. Very helpful. I hope to do these this month. Cheers, Louise

    1. It is Denis not Peter, Louise. You are probably confusing me with Peter Franklin. Another option is to do the normal walk to the base of Pelverata Falls and then climb up the scree slope on the left hand side to the top of the falls and then over to Slippery Falls. That way is shorter.

  2. Hi Denis. I am so very sorry to have called you Peter. Yes, you have picked the correct Peter of the confusion. I have only just seen your reply. I hope to do them this weekend. Cheers, Louise