Saturday, 15 November 2014

Eddy Creek Karst

Saturday 15th November 2014

Largest Cave
I have been going to do this walk for some time and decided that today would be a good day for it. For those who don't know, a karst is a limestone or dolomite region in which erosion has produced fissures, sinkholes, underground streams and caverns. This area around Eddy Creek is a dolomite area and there is currently a quarry where the dolomite is extracted. I had a list of locations of various caves, sinkholes and springs that I wanted to check out.
Road to the quarry
To reach the walk start I drove out on Weld Road and turned onto Eddy Road near Southwood Mill and then into Eric Pettits Road and parked just before the locked gate. It is more or less the same starting point as Fletchers Eddy. As there was about 4 kms. of road walking involved to reach the quarry access road, I rode my bike instead of walking which saved some time. It was quite easy riding and not too steep. After reaching the quarry road, I stashed the bike in the bush and began the short walk up the road. No doubt someone younger or fitter than I could have ridden to the quarry but I found it easier to walk.
Dolomite Quarry
It did not take long to reach the quarry, where there were great views of Glovers Bluff. I walked up the right hand side and then into the bush heading for my first point of interest, which was the largest sinkhole in the area. The trees that had been pushed over made it a little difficult but I was soon in clearer territory. The sink hole was just past the quarry boundary and was not very impressive - merely a small depression.
Largest sinkhole
I then carried on to a small cave and a spring and cave that seem to be joined underground and then to the largest cave around the area. It was quite deep and I had too be extremely careful near the edge. The walking was fairly easy with no scrub bashing involved but there were plenty of trees to clamber over, both large and small.
Largest cave from up the hill
From here I walked uphill to locate a couple of sinkholes, one of which I found and one I didn't and then onto another vertical cave to the northwest. When I found it I stopped for a snack before heading back down the dry creek bed to look for more features.
Vertical Cave
I found some more springs and another cave whilst walking down the creek and once I reached the last spring I headed uphill to come out at the quarry, thus completing a small loop. I then walked back to my bike and then headed down the road because I wanted to check out the access for a future walk to Bernard Spur. There was a tree across the road at the Eddy Creek crossing and this proved to be a good seat for lunch.
Lunch at Eddy Creek
I rode on up the road to the end which is near Bernard Spur. There were good views of Glovers Bluff along here and I also watched an echidna for quite some time. After finding out what I wanted to, I simply rode back to the car.
This was an enjoyable short walk through some nice bush and with some different points of interest.
Distance: 15.8 kms. Bike 9.1 kms. Walk 6.7 kms.
Time: 5'06"
Ascent: 490 metres
Click here to download GPX file.
Dolomite quarry

Dolomite quarry

Largest Cave


Spring flowing over dolomite

Glovers Bluff

Dolomite quarry



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