Sunday, 9 November 2014

Mount Brown and Crescent Bay

Sunday 9th November 2014

Mount Brown
I took some friends on a walk to Mount Brown and Crescent Bay today as they had not been there before. See previous walk description here.
The day was perfect although a little hazy. The Maingon Blow Hole was not blowing as the waves were not big enough. We walked up to Mount Brown summit and had a chat with a couple of elderly gentlemen over here from Victoria and then over to view Dauntless Point and then down to Crescent Bay. We could hear voices in the distance and soon spotted a couple of sand boarders sliding down the dunes. After enjoying the beach we walked back to the car and stopped for lunch on the drive back near Port Arthur.
A very enjoyable day.
Basket Bay

Cape Raoul

Walkers heading up to Mount Brown

Crescent Bay

Cape Pillar and Tasman Island

Dauntless Point

Crescent Bay

Crescent Bay

Crescent Bay

Dune sandboarders

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