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Bridport - Northern Tasmania

Wednesday 24th December 2014

Bridport shoreline
This is an easy walk on well formed tracks and is comprised of different types of walks including foreshore, forest and riverside. Today I did the touristy thing and walked this circuit in the nice little village of Bridport on the north coast of Tasmania. The walk could be started from many different points on the route.
Trent Water
I started from my accommodation in Mary Street and walked down to the Foreshore Track at Trent Water and walked in an anticlockwise direction. The tide was out in the above photo, so there would be quite a lot more water at high tide.
The first section of walk followed the foreshore along in a northerly direction past the boat ramp at Trent Water and then past the camping area. There were literally hundreds of tents and caravans packed into the area for the Christmas holidays. Definitely not my cup of tea. The walk passed many beaches, including Goftons, Eastmans, Croquet Lawn, Mattingleys and Mermaids. There was ample opportunity to descend to many points of interest along the way via side tracks.




The scenery all along the coast was quite spectacular, as is normal for Tasmania. We really are very privileged to live in such a beautiful place. After the track left the foreshore it followed a gravel road for a time before I took the short detour to Adams Beach. This was a nice long beach which would be very good to walk along.
Adams Beach

Granite Point
The track then left the beach and went uphill slightly through nice forest with lookout points along the way.
East Sandy Point from lookout
The track meandered through the forest, past the golf course and then through a lovely section of she oak forest. Along here I spotted a Blue Tongue Lizard sunning itself on the track.
Track through forest

Blue Tongue Lizard
After the forest the track met up with the Brid River and followed this along past a pumping station and barrage with a water race. It was very pleasant walking all along here.
Brid River

Brid River Barrage

Brid River Barrage and Water Race

Water Race

Brid River

Brid River

Bridge across Brid River
 Finally the track emerged back on the Foreshore Track where I walked back to the start.
This was a great walk with diverse scenery, and, although it was all good, I enjoyed the forest and river section the best as they were away from the maddening crowds.
Distance: 12.3 kms.
Time: 2'46"
Ascent: 200 metres
Click here to download GPX file.

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