Thursday, 18 December 2014

Judds Bluff

Thursday 18th December 2014

View from Judds Bluff
As Judds Bluff is only a very short walk, I kept placing it in the walks to do basket. Today, I decided to bite the bullet and finally do it. I had no information on the walk, so I just figured that I would wing it and make something up. I did not know if there were any views from the bluff and I was not expecting too much. Just as well as the views were quite limited. Never the less it was not a bad walk.
I drove up from Judbury on Judds Creek Road to White Timber Trail, where I turned left and followed the road around to park just off the road where I intended to start the walk.
Forest near start of walk
I set off back down the road a little and then into the bush. It was not too bad walking, although there was some scrub in places and also lots of downed trees to climb over. The large downed trees came in handy when they were heading in the right direction, as I used them to walk along, thus avoiding some of the scrub. I walked down slightly and across a saddle and then up a slight rise and over to the bluff. The views were through the trees, so I could not see much. I then walked along the top of the bluff searching for better scenery, but it did not improve much. I did come across a small cairn of rocks on a large log where the "best" views were, so I assumed that that was indeed the spot. After a snack I walked back to the car, taking a slightly different route which proved to be less scrubby.
Overall an okay short walk with limited scenery, although the bush was quite nice. This walk is all off track. When I reached the car I drove up the road a little further where there were better views than from the bluff.
Distance: 3.1 kms.
Time: 2'45"
Ascent: 105 metres
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From Judds Bluff

From Judds Bluff

Forest at Judds Bluff

Cairn at Judds Bluff

Looking down from Judds Bluff

Mount Misery from access road

Looking down the Judds Creek valley from access road

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