Saturday, 15 August 2015

Billy Browns Falls and White Timber Mountain

Saturday 15th August 2015

Billy Browns Falls

Billy Browns Falls
 A couple of friends and I did two short walks in the Judbury area today. I chose Billy Browns Falls for the first one because I wanted to check out the flow from the recent rain. See earlier post here for details. 
 The start of the track now has a new sign.
 Note: As of 2018 the crossing over Judds Creek is washed out which means and extra 3,3 kms. hike up the road to the trail head. An alternative is to drive up Jacobsons Road and back down to the trail head.
Start of track
 It took us 1'30" for the return walk which agrees with the sign. The track was quite wet and slippery in places but we were rewarded with a good flow coming over the falls.

White Timber Mountain

White Timber Mountain Summit "Can"
 After completing Billy Brown Falls we continued driving up Judds Creek Road to White Timber Trail, where we turned right and drove to the start of the ascent track for White Timber Mountain which is marked by a small cairn. The Trail had a covering of snow and ice in places, but was easily negotiated with a 4WD. See here for previous post on White Timber Mountain from Crabtree. 
Car Park and White Timber Trail
 We set off after one of my companions had recovered from a fall caused by a very icy rock and soon we were clambering through the snow. The walk up was fairly taxing with snow the entire way and it was quite deep in places but we made it okay and settled down on the northern side in the sunshine for lunch. The walk back down was much easier than the ascent.
A good short little walk.
Distance: 2.0 kms
Time: 2'13"
Ascent: 130 metres
The Track

The Track

The Track

Snow capped mountains to the west.
 For some variation I suggested that we return to Judbury via White Timber Trail and Jacobsons Road. This proved to be a very interesting drive with quite deep snow on most of the road until we started descending on Jacobsons Road. Luckily someone had been through previosly and created some ruts, although they did not always line up with our vehicle.
Overall a great day.

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