Monday, 10 August 2015

Mount Hull

Sunday 9th August 2015

Mount Hull Summit Cairn
There are many routes that can be taken to reach Mount Hull, but the one I chose starts from the end of Montrose Road (Upper) off Main Road.
I found a place to park on the side of Montrose Road about 100 metres before the locked gate and set off up the Montrose Trail. This climbed steadily up beside Islet Rivulet which was flowing from the recent rain and snow melt. As I got higher, I started to encounter snow on and beside the track and it became considerably colder. The trail was in good condition and walking was easy although it was uphill for 3.4 kms. before the East West Trail was met. Along the way the trail intersected the Chapel and Goat Trails.
Montrose Trail

Montrose Trail

Intersection Montrose and East West Trails
On the East West Trail there was evidence of recent motor bike activity and later on as I ascended Mount Hull I did hear a couple of bikes. I walked along the East West Trail in a south westerly direction to the cairn which indicates the start of the Mount Hull track. There were limited views of Hobart and the Derwent from here. I think I located the cairn although it was mostly covered by snow, but a tape in the tree assured me I was on the right track.
Hobart and Derwent

East West Trail

East West Trail

Mount Hull track cairn
I set off following some tapes but soon lost them so I just headed up the ridge following the line of least resistance. The going was slow because of the snow as I had to be very careful with foot placement and did sink up to my knees in places where I found a hole. Eventually I did reach the summit plateau where I came across a few more tapes. It took me 1'20" to walk the 1.0 km. from the East West Trail to the summit. Of course this would be much quicker without the snow cover. The summit is marked by a large cairn of rocks. On the ascent were some views of the surrounding snow covered mountains.
Start of ascent track

Mount Wellington showing the landslide on North West face

Summit Plateau

Summit Plateau

Summit Cairn
By now it was lunch time so I found the only dry spot available on top of the summit cairn and had a short break. I did not stay long as there was a wind blowing and it was very cold, although apart from that it was very pleasant up here.
Not wanting to retrace my steps  I just kept heading in a north easterly direction down to the East West Trail. It was quite treacherous going down and even though there was less snow than the other side it was very slippery and I managed to fall over many times. Luckily I did not sustain any injury and was glad to reach the trail in one piece. From here I simply walked back to the car.
This was a great walk and I would say that the snow made it more enjoyable, although somewhat slower than normal. I would guess that it would be at least an hour less without the snow covering.
Distance: 12.1 kms.
Time: 5'36"
Ascent: 740 metres
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  1. Small world. Just saw your comments over on tassierambler. As it turns out I have only just discovered and started following your blog this week (Matty Watton pointed it out to me) and I was actually going to follow one of your routes out to Hidden Falls on Sunday.