Monday, 9 November 2015

Big Lagoon Beach

Sunday 8th November 2015

Big Lagoon Beach
After walking to Donnellys Creek a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would revisit Big Lagoon Beach in the same area, with some friends. We were expecting a fairly long walk as we intended to walk from the locked gate just off South Cape Road. When we arrived the gate was open, and on checking it, found that it had been vandalised and the lock removed, so we drove the 3.0 kms. to the second locked gate. This saved us 6.0 kms of walking on a road.
We set off along the old tracks and soon had a view of the mountains to the west.
Looking towards Moonlight Ridge

Lune Sugarloaf
The track was mostly dry and we reached Big Lagoon Beach in good time. There was a light breeze blowing and it was indeed a very pleasant day. We stopped at a large log for a snack before heading off on the long walk to the lagoon entrance. There were more rocks to negotiate on the point than I remembered from last time but we made it comfortably around to the sheltered side of the lagoon.
Big Lagoon Beach

Big Lagoon Beach

Big Lagoon Beach

Big Lagoon Beach
On the rocky point

On the rocky point

On the rocky point
We then walked back along the sheltered side to find another handy log to sit on for lunch. t was very peaceful sitting there with great views of the mountains and a large eagle flying overhead.
Across the lagoon to Adamsons Peak

Across the lagoon towards Moonlight Ridge

Southport Lagoon
After lunch we kept going along the beach. I wanted to take a different route back, so we kept on around the rocks at the end of the beach to a creek with very muddy sides. This necessitated taking to the grass verges to avoid the worst of the mud. We found a very convenient log that I had spotted on Google Earth spanning the creek and we availed ourselves of this, crossing without any disasters.  I did have my camera ready just in case. After this we just walked along the rocks some more before leaving the beach and heading inland through the button grass to pick up an old track. From here it was a good stroll back to the car.
Looking towards the lagoon from the return track

A great walk with pristine beaches, good views and lack of people.
Distance: 17.0 kms.
Time: 5'50"
Ascent: 140 metres
Click here to download GPX file.

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