Sunday, 22 November 2015

Barn Back

Sunday 22nd November 2015

Barn Back Ridge
 The Barn Back track follows a long ridge that runs more or less north/south and starts near the Southwood mill. My aim was to start opposite Denison Hill on Weld Road and walk up an old 4WD track to join the Barn Back track on the top of the ridge and return via Badger Saddle and Denison Road to the car. It mostly worked out but took longer than I was anticipating, due to major scrub bash.
I parked at the start of the track on Weld Road and commenced the climb.
Near track start

Rimons Hill

Denison Ridge foreground and Russell Ridge behind

Huon Valley

Weld Road
I soon reached a logged area where there were good views although it was a little hazy. After leaving this area behind the track meandered through some nice forest before intersecting the Barn Back track. It was a steady climb of 350 metres to reach here.
Track through the forest
I continued on in a northerly direction along the Barn Back track. It was pleasant walking mostly with a few boggy patches to dodge around.
Barn Back track

Nice forest on Barn Back track

Barn Back track
I eventually reached a good forestry road and walked along it until I reached the place where I had decided to cut through the scrub to Badger Saddle. There were good views here. It was a mistake really to leave the road at this point. Walking down along the edge of the logged area was fine to start off with but I soon encountered some cliffs with no way of getting down.
Denison and Russell Ridges

Huon Valley
 I had to walk across the coup until I found a place to climb down and eventually met the road I should have followed down. All good in hindsight. I then cut across to the edge of the cleared area and continued down. It was not easy going and was very steep, but I did eventually reach the track I was looking for. I knew it was there because I used it to access Punna Falls last year.

The cliffs that I had to avoid
I carried on to meet the track that follows the ridge line down beside Badger Creek and walked down this to Denison Road and then along Weld Road to the car.
This was a good walk with some nice scenery, but would have been better if I had avoided the unnecessary scrub bash.
Distance: 17.5 kms.
Time: 7'00"
Ascent: 725 metres
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