Monday, 7 December 2015

Lune River

Monday 7th December 2015

Lune River
Today I was going to do a short exploratory walk in the Lune River and to save some road walking I decided to ride my bike, thus saving about 8 kms. of walking.
I started just before the locked gate on North Lune Road and rode the 4 kms. to where I was beginning the walk. Now I am not much of a cyclist, but even I found the ride quite easy as there was only a very gentle climb to get there. After stashing my bike behind a large tree I ventured into the scrub. ( I wasn't really expecting anyone to come along, but better to be safe than sorry.)
The scrub was not too bad and after about 200 metres I reached the banks of the river. It was high on this side with no way down, so I headed upstream along the bank to a point where I could climb down to the river bed.
Upstream of where I entered the river

Downstream of where I entered the river
Unfortunately the water level was higher than I was anticipating so there was no option other than to get my boots wet!! I had to be extremely careful as the rocks were quite slippery and did manage to take a couple of tumbles. The river was very picturesque and I soon came to a good swimming hole. No swimming for me today - I don't like cold water.
Swimming Hole
I had to alternate between walking in the river and up along the bank and eventually came to a bend in the river which provided a convenient rest stop. It was very peaceful here and I could hear the occasional lyre bird. There was a great swimming hole here also.
Looking towards the bend

At the bend
I kept going and soon arrive at the junction of Lune River and Gleichenia Creek. Both seemed to have about the same flow at this point.
Gleichenia Creek entering the Lune

Lune River and Gleichenia Creek
Gleichenia Creek and Lune River from upstream
Further upstream the rock hopping became easier as there were more dry rocks and I stopped at an island in the middle of the creek. As I was only having an exploratory walk I decided that this would be a good turn around point.
Small island midstream
On the return, when I reached Gleichenia Creek I took to the scrub and made a beeline towards my bike. It was a bit scrubby in places and there were some very large trees standing and on the ground.
I reached my bike and sat down for lunch.
The scrub
I rode up to the end of the road to see how far it went. Not far, only into a logging coup. I then simply cycled back to the car and arrived before I was expecting to.
Mesa Creek

Mesa Creek

Bridge across Mesa Creek
This was an enjoyable ride /walk and the Lune River is quite pretty but would be best tackled when the water level is lower.
Distance: 11.3 kms.
Time: 4'00"
Ascent: 122 metres
Click here to download GPX file.

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