Saturday, 4 June 2016

Pelverata and Slippery Falls

Saturday 4th June 2016

Pelverata Creek
There is not much of a narrative for this walk as it is covered in a previous post here. There was less water in the creeks than last time and the ground was quite frosty in places. On the return journey we did come across a large group of people and many 4WDs participating in a cleanup of the Snug Tiers area. They even had burnt out cars on trailers ready to take out. Good on them, I say, but it is just a shame that they have to do that. Why people can't have more respect for reserves like this, or the bush in general, I do not know.

Frosty sawmill site

Old sawmill boiler

Top of Pelverata Falls

Top of Pelverata Falls

Pelverata side creek

Looking out to the Kaoota area

Top of Slippery Falls

Pelverata Falls from Slippery Falls

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