Sunday, 26 June 2016

Wellington Falls Circuit

Sunday 26th June 2016

Wellington Falls
I started the walk at The Springs and headed out on the Milles Track towards Wellington Falls. The track was quite wet and muddy and frosty as well in places.

Milles Track

Hobart waking up

Milles Track

Milles Track

Milles Track
After about an hour and a quarter I reached Disappearing Tarn which was supposed to have water in it. That was the case and it was the first time I had seen it that way, which was a bonus. The water was a lovely greeny/blue colour and there were gas or air bubbles rising to the surface.

The rocks around the tarn were frosty so care had to be taken. I then carried on across The Potato Fields and on to Wellington Falls which were flowing rather well.

Potato Fields

Potato Fields

Potato Fields

Top section Wellington Falls

Start of the Falls

River Cliffs
Once I had checked out the falls I walked down the Wellington Falls Track and Pipeline Track to the Snake Plains Track junction. I walked up this for a short distance and stopped for lunch. After the break I continued on up the track to intersect the Milles Track again and then back to the car. Snake Plains was rather wet and muddy in places but easily negotiated.

Snake Plains Track

Cathedral Rock from Snake Plains

This was a good longish walk and it provided a great opportunity to stretch out the legs.
Distance: 19.0 kms.
Time: 6'06"
Ascent: 725 metres
Click here to download GPX file.

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