Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Snowy South

Tuesday 21st February 2017

Snowy South summit is behind the rocky outcrop in the clouds
I went for a walk to Snowy South today. It was a fantastic day except for the cloud on the summit which blocked all the views. It did not matter as there was plenty to see from the Snowy Range plateau after I descended from the summit. I took a slightly different route to the summit this time, following the cairned route instead of going via the tarn. It did not really matter as either route is okay. See post from 2013 here.
This is a great walk with fantastic scenery.

Snowy Range

Snowy Range

Lake Skinner

Lake Skinner and cloud on the range

Lake Skinner from the Range ascent

Lake Skinner from top of Range ascent

Snowy Range plateau

Looking towards Snowy South summit

In the clouds near the summit

Towards Nevada Peak

Snowy Range plateau
From the plateau

Nevada Peak

Small tarn on the plateau

Along the plateau

Lake Skinner in the sunlight

Towards the Huon Valley

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