Wednesday, 22 March 2017

New Town Rivulet Circuit

Wednesday 22nd march 2017

New Town Rivulet
The following is not a typical bush walk, but because I had to put my car in for a service at Glenorchy and would have quite a few hours to fill in while it was done, I decided to occupy my time by going on a walk. I started at Glenorchy and along the Intercity Cycleway to Creek Road and then up that to Lenah Valley Road following the New Town Rivulet. Once I escaped the traffic it was very peaceful up towards the end of Lenah Valley Road where the track paralled the road for most of the way beside the Rivulet. I had never actually walked along there before and was quite surprised.

Lady Franklin Museum

Bridge across New Town Rivulet

In one of the parks along the way

New Town Rivulet

New Town Rivulet
The track along Lenah Valley Road actually went through a few parks along the way as well and that made walking very pleasant.

Another sculpture in another park

Across New Town Rivulet -to prevent logs and debris washing downstream

New Town Rivulet
New Town Rivulet beside the road

Example of one of the tracks along Lenah Valley Road
When I reached the end of Lenah Valley Road I climbed up an old 4WD track to Main Fire Trail and walked on the track beside the fire trail to Newtown Track and along that and various old trails and bike trails to Knocklofty Reserve. There were lots of wallabies roaming around Knocklofty.

Track up to Main Fire Trail

Track beside Main Fire Trail

Knocklofty Reserve

Knocklofty Reserve
After leaving the reserve I walked down to Giblin Street, then Creek Road and back to wait for my car which was only about 15 minutes, so it all worked out well.
This was a good walk especially once away from the traffic, and although it was quite long, it was not too strenuous.
Distance: 19.4 kms.
Time: 5"01"
Ascent: 650 metres
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  1. The metal barrier, made of posts across the creek is a flood barrier, aimed at trapping large logs or huge amounts of debris that may be carried down the creek when in flood.

    Thanks for your blog, I enjoy the posts and am always looking for slightly different walks to run for the Pandani Bushwalking Club. This blog is a good source of information and inspiration.

    1. Thanks for that information, Chris, and glad my blog is helping you out. I am finding it more difficult to come up with new walks myself.

  2. Beautiful pictures of this interesting place, Denis !

    1. Thanks Karl. Yes it was quite a good walk and much better than I expected.