Tuesday 18 April 2017

Calverts Hill

Tuesday 18th April 2017

Calverts Hill
Whilst the photo of Calverts Hill does not look too impressive the walk along the coast and the views from the top of the hill were quite splendid. The walk is all in a reserve of one description or another and Calverts Hill is in a nature reserve.
I parked the car at Lauderdale near the canal and headed off along Roches Beach where there were very few people out and about despite it being school holidays. Once I reached the rocky section where the rocks were getting bigger and more plentiful, I headed up to pick up the track around Mays Point.
Roches Beach

Roches Beach

Heading towards the rocks on Roches Beach
The track descended to Mays Beach which is a nice little area.
From Mays Point

Track around Mays Point

Mays Beach

Mays Point

Mays Beach
At the end of Mays Beach the track began again and followed the coastline around. There was a nice eagle sculpture in a residence along here.  The track eventually met a fence line which I  had to walk along and down to reach the beach.

I walked along the rocky beach for a short time before climbing back up a short distance to the track which followed the coast along to the Calverts Hill Nature Reserve. It was all easy walking.
Beach below Mays Hill

Beach below Mays Hill

Towards Tasman Peninsula

Towards Tasman Peninsula

Walking track along coast

Track in Calverts Hill Nature Reserve
Once I reached the turnoff for Calverts Hill, I just walked along the track up to the trig point and then back down to the coast once again. There were great views from the summit.
Back towards Lauderdale

Sloping Island

Mount Wellington

Trig Point

Towards Cremorne
The track carried on down to Cremorne Beach and I walked along the beach and around the point and back along Frederick Henry Parade to the beach once again.
One of the little beaches along the way

Cremorne and Pipe Clay Head

Cremorne Beach

Cremorne Beach.
From here I retraced my steps with a short detour to a nice lookout point just north of Cremorne Beach.
From lookout

From Lookout
As I was getting back towards Mays Beach the new ferry built by Incat here in Hobart was doing some sea trials. Apparently it can carry 1000 passengers and 411 cars and from what I saw it can go very fast also.

This was a really good easy walk and of coarse could be shortened a fair bit by having a car at Lauderdale and one at Cremorne, but the out and back walk was quite interesting.
Distance: 18.5 kms.
Time: 5'10"
Ascent: 530 metres
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  1. I'm curious - did we both decide to do this at the same time or can I take some credit in inspiring you to check out this route? Tassierambler.

    1. John, the answer is both yes and no. I have had this on my to do list for quite some time and after reading the description of your escapade I decided to get in and do it. As far as I can gather I agree with you that the route all seems to be on reserve land so can't see any problems there. It would also make a great cycling track with a bit of work as you suggested.