Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Crystal and Reubens Falls

Tuesday 1st August 2017

Crystal Falls

Crystal Falls
I planned to walk to Crystal and Reubens Falls today, both very short walks, or so I thought. I had not been to Crystal Falls before and only had a rough position for them, which can make it difficult in that type of country. This proved to be the case because I spent quite some time finding the actual falls.
As I drove out to the start of the Crystal Falls walk the sun was just starting to light up a snow covered Mount Weld.
Mount Weld
I was not too sure where to start the walk but decided to drive in on a forestry track off South Weld Road about 1.3 kms. before the Reubens Falls walk. I drove to the end of the road and parked and set off following what appeared to be an old logging track with burn trees across it. It was not too bad and I made reasonable progress to where I figured that I should turn off and head down to where I thought the falls would be.
Old logging track
Firstly I encountered cutting grass and then dense scrub but it soon opened out as I approched the creek. It was steep going and I managed to get down to the creek but there was no sign of the falls. I could see sunlight streaming in further downstream and that is usually a sign that there are falls there.
Crystal Creek

Crystal Creek but not the falls
I headed back up and made another aborted attempt to reach the base of the falls but it was just too steep and dangerous. I headed back up to the top of the ridge and then back down once again to the creek. It was still steep but I made it down okay and arrived quite near the base of the falls. The creek was flowing well after recent rains.
Crystal Falls

Base of Crystal Falls
From here I headed back up to the ridge and picked up my original track through the cutting grass. I did come across a very large tree on the way, one of a few that have escaped the chainsaw.

Once I reached the old logging track it was a breeze back to the car.
This was a more difficult walk than I was expecting mainly because of lack of information. Anyone choosing to do this walk should simply follow my return track which would make it much easier. It is all off track and quite steep and slippery but not too bad scrubwise.
Distance: 3.6 kms. (about 3.0 kms. without the unnecessary detours)
Ascent: 190 metres
Click here to download GPX file.

Reubens Falls

Reubens Falls
After Crystal Falls I drove up the road and walked into Reubens Falls. There was plenty of water in the creek and the falls were pumping.
Isabella Creek

Reubens Falls

Mount Weld
For information on the Reubens Falls walk see The Weld-Short Walks in  the walks index. This is an easy walk taking about 1'15" and is about 2.8 kms. return. Care is needed descending to the falls as the track is steep and slippery.

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