Saturday, 19 August 2017

Mount Hull

Saturday 19th August 2017

Summit Cairn Mount Hull
I decided to walk to Mount Hull today and opted to start from the Glenlusk area. I parked on the very sharp bend on Collinsvale Road where the Zig Zag Fire Trail starts.
I set off up the fire trail, zigging and zagging as I went up higher.
Collins Cap from fire trail

Glenlusk area
Soon I reached the top of the climb and a light dusting of snow was evident beside the fire trail.
Zig Zag Trail

East West Trail
I carried on along the East West Fire Trail to the base of Mount Hull where I made a right turn along a disused trail before beginning the ascent of Mount Hull. There was some scrub but nothing too bad. I was aiming for Leamans Knob which is a large rock up towards the summit or just before it starts to level out, really.
Scrub on the ascent
After some scrambling I came upon the Knob. Underneath is a cave which can be walked through...not really a cave but a space between the rocks.
Leamans Knob


Leamans Knob

Leamans Knob
From the Knob the country flattened out as I neared the summit and the snow increased as I went further south across Mount Hull and began the descent.

There was much more snow on the southern side as expected and I had to watch my footing when going down. There were a few views through the trees.
Collins Bonnet through the trees

Once I reached the East West Trail at the bottom of the descent, I carried on south for a short distance and then headed up to the summit of the small hill next to Mount Hull. From here were good views of snow capped mountains.
Mount Wellington

Collins Bonnet

Collins Cap
Once satisfied with my escapade I simply returned to the East West Trail and walked back along it and the Zig Zag Trail to the car.
This was an excellent walk in some cool conditions with nice snow capped mountain scenery. Parts of the walk are offtrack.
Distance: 11.7 kms.
Time: 4'55"
Ascent: 610 metres
Click here to download GPX file.

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