Monday, 16 October 2017

Prominent Rock - Mount Connection

Monday 16th October 2017

Prominent Rock down below
There are many prominent rocks named as such on the map but this one is west of Mount Connection in the Wellington Range. I did not know if I could actually walk to it or not and I was going to make that decision when I neared it. As it turned out, I wisely decided, I think, to stop at the end of the ridge, as it was a steep descent to the rock.
Anyway, I set out from Big Bend along the fire trail and had a good view of fog in the valleys.

From the fire trail I walked along the Collins Bonnet track to Mount Connection. It was a little wet in places but mostly the track was dry. I stopped at the lookout on Mount Connection, just before the track descends off the mountain, to take a few photos.
Mount Connection

Mount Connection and Tom Thumb from the moor

Looking west

Collins Cap

Collins Bonnet

Snow capped mountains out west
My aim was to walk out on the rocky ridge that heads towards Prominent Rock. When I reached the appropriate point I started out along the ridge. It was rocky and scrubby but not particularly bad and I soon reached the end of the ridge (or as far as I was going, anyway) to see Prominent Rock about 100 metres away in distance and about 80 metres down in elevation. I think it would be achievable but as I was on my own I opted to give it a miss.
The ridge in the centre that heads towards Prominent Rock-Scree field in background is on Collins Bonnet
Collins Bonnet

Mountain River

Devils Throne

Mount Montagu

Collins Bonnet

Prominent Rock
After getting as close to the edge as I dared I walked back to the main track and then uphill to Mount Connection again and then along to The Lectern. After a short break it was then on to Pulpit Rock, and as I was on top of the rock I could hear voices.  Soon a couple of guys appeared and we had a bit of a chat. I was not really expecting to see anyone off track where I met them.
The Lectern

Pulpit Rock

On top of Pulpit Rock

Derwent River
Once back on the main track I just walked back to the car. I did see one tiger snake out sunning itself on the track but it slithered out of the way.
This was a good walk with fantastic views on a warm spring day.
Distance: 12.1 kms.
Time: 5'42"
Ascent: 550 metres
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  1. Hats off to you for doing what you do.

  2. Looks great, Denis. I especially like the photos with the fog in the valleys.

    1. Thanks Chris. The fog always looks great from up high. It was quite a good walk overall.