Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Mount Faulkner

Tuesday 8th May 2018

On the summit of Mount Faulkner
I parked in Mount Faulkner Road just before the large washouts and headed up the old road/fire trail. It was a gradual grind uphill but quite easy walking. When I reached the plateau section and just as the trail started to descend I ventured into the scrub in the direction of the summit. The initial section was scrubby but did not last long and then I came across moss covered scree which was much easier to walk through than the scrub.

Fire Trail

Moss covered scree

More moss covered scree
As I gained elevation the terrain alternated between scree and scrub and continued like that all the way to the summit. There were some large rocks to negotiate further up near the top and in among these rocks were some small "caves".

Larger scree up higher

I finally reached the summit where it was quite windy and rather cold, so managed a few photos and then sought shelter to have a bite to eat.
Various views from and of the summit.

After a short stay I started down where there were good views of Hobart and the Derwent and after some more scrub bashing I finally reached the fire trail. From here it was an easy amble back to the car.

This was an okay walk but the scrub is somewhat of a drawback. It is not continuous but there is enough to be annoying. Maybe I am getting old. There is no track at all from the fire trail to the summit and it is just a matter of finding the best route.
Distance: 7.9 kms.
Time: 5'49"
Ascent: 740 metres
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  1. No, it's nothing to do with getting old. The scrub it's annoying - at least it was when we went up a few months ago. It's a cool mountain tho.

    1. Thanks for the reassurance Nord. Not sure if I believe you though. Still a good walk despite the scrub.

  2. I must say I really liked it - maybe because it was a little tough going at times if you don't choose the right way up (I've been up twice and not 100% sure I ever found the right way).

    1. Not sure which way you went but Peter Franklin went up via the ridge on the south east side and that sounds better than the way I went which was pretty much straight up. His post is at in case you don't follow it.

  3. We drove to the top. Cant that be done anymore? My mate has the key to go service the communication towers or have I got the wrong Mountain?

    1. There is a road up from Sky Farm Road but the locals are very sensitive about people using it from what I have heard. It goes to the old fire tower and I assume the communications set up, but the actual summit is about 400 metres away from that. The way I went is the only legal way apparently.