Sunday, 29 April 2018

Mount Crooke

Sunday 29th April 2018

Mount Crooke Summit
I had already drafted out a route to walk to Mount Crooke when I found out that Peter Franklin had done almost the same route earlier in the year. It was good knowing that the scrub was not too bad and I basically followed much the same route with a few exceptions.
I set off from the Lake Fenton car park and the first thing of note was the Fagus around the Lake Fenton outlet and along the track. For those who don't know, it is Australia's only cold climate winter-deciduous tree, and you will find it nowhere else in the world except Tasmania. Anyway it was putting on quite a display.

I walked along the track to Windy Moor where a new boardwalk has been constructed right across the moor thus avoiding all the dodging of waterholes and boggy sections. A couple of photos of Mount Field from the track.

As you can see it was another perfect day. I walked along the edge of the moor and then down to the headwaters of the Davis River. It was all quite easy walking up until here but I did encounter some scrub at this point which was not too bad.

Windy Moor

Windy Moor

Windy Moor

Windy Moor

Mount Mawson

Davis Lookout

Heading up to Mount Crooke
I crossed to the other side of the moor and walked along the edge and then up on to the plateau above. There was some more scrub here. Once on the plateau I just made a bee line to the summit of Mount Crooke. Mount Crooke is not an impressive summit but it does provide good views in all directions.
Various views from and of the summit.

I had a good break and then headed back along the ridge and down to the flood plain. There was scrub along the ridge but once on the plain it was easy walking. There were some Pandani on the ridge and also further down.


Davis headwaters and plain
From the start of the headwaters it was a scrubby, rocky walk down to the Lake Webster Track. The rocks were very slippery so progress was quite slow. Once on the lake Webster Track it was an easy amble back to the car. More Fagus was evident on the Lake Webster Track and there was a constant stream of people heading out to look at it.

This was a good walk on a great day and the scenery everywhere was excellent. Much of the walk is off track.
Distance: 9.9 kms.
Time: 5'24" ( including 30" spent on Summit)
Ascent: 360 metres
Click here for GPX file.

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