Thursday, 14 June 2018

Fools Tarn

Thursday 14th June 2018

Fools Tarn
Fools Tarn is nice little tarn that lies west of Trestle Mountain in Wellington Park. I had walked past it a few times as I walked to other destinations but had never ventured the short distance off track to see it.
I set off from the end of Suhrs Road through the pig and sheep farm and into Wellington Park along the Collins Cap Trail. It was reasonably cold but fine weather. Soon I was on the East West Trail and the surrounding peaks were shrouded in cloud.

Collins Bonnet

Mount Marian

Trestle Mountain
I took the short cut near Trestle Mountain and just past the Mount Marian turnoff found what could be a track or maybe not. Anyway I headed in the general direction of the tarn through quite low scrub and soon came across it. It was here that the wind started to blow and it was very cold. I was soon donning gloves, beanie and coat to keep out the chill.

Trestle Mountain

I had planned to scale Trestle Mountain from this western side and started heading in the direction of the mountain after I had a good look at the tarn. It was fairly easy walking across the button grass plains to the old disused fire trail. It was at this point that I wimped out and gave up the idea of going up the mountain. It would have been too cold and windy and unpleasant up on the summit so I just walked back to the East West Trail and then back to the car.

Button Grass Plains

Old Disused Fire Trail

Collins Bonnet in the clouds
This was a good and easy walk and the tarn is worth a look, maybe when summiting some of the other peaks in the area as it is only a short distance off track.
Distance: 14.9 kms.
Time: 4'22"
Ascent: 690 metres
GPX file is here.


  1. Marvellous! It certainly is one of our favourite destinations of recent times. We came off Trestle - pretty much straight down - it's fairly scrubby but along the ridge is fairly easy going. Lovely to see some great pics of the tarn.

    1. Thanks Nord. Yes it did not look too bad heading up to the summit but I will have to choose a more appealing day next time.