Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Moonlight Ridge

Tuesday 6th March 2018

Small tarn on Moonlight Ridge
The Moonlight Ridge track is generally used for access to the South West National Park for multi day walks but it is also a great day walk just up to the ridge itself. The scenery up there is quite spectacular.
I parked in Limestone Quarry Road off South Lune Road near Ida Bay and headed off quite early. The first section of track went to the quarry along the route of the old railway line and was fairly flat.
After that it climbs, quite steeply in places before coming to a saddle where it is relatively flat for a short time, and then climbs again all the way to Moonlight Ridge. It is mainly rain forest type country all the way up. There were plenty of fungi of various colours and shapes.

The first views started to appear about the 700 metre elevation and once up on the ridge it is fairly flat. There were 360 degree views and it was another perfect day.

Adamsons Peak

Moonlight Ridge

Another Tarn

Moomlight Ridge

Recherche Bay

Southport Lagoon

Lune Sugarloaf, South Bruny Island, Cape Raoul
I spent about half an hour wandering around on top of the ridge to get various views of the mountains and coast before heading back down. The weather remained perfect for the whole day.
This is a great walk with stunning views once up on top but there is a bit of a climb to get there. I reckon it is worth it. Of course it is possible to carry on further as far as you like.
Distance: 12.7 kms.
Time: 6'16"
Ascent: 770 metres
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  1. Great walking up there, Denis. Have you been all the way across the Southern Ranges?

    1. Yes, great walking Andrew. No haven't been any further than that and too old now, unfortunately.

  2. Hey mate

    Did u find anywhere to camp up there ?

    1. Once up on the ridge there are plenty of places to camp near the tarns if not going any further.