Friday, 16 March 2018

Sullivan Point

Friday 16th March 2018

Sullivan Point
Sullivan Point is located on the western end of Little Lagoon Beach in the Southport Lagoon area. It is one of my favourite beaches in the south east as it usually deserted and gives one the feeling of being isolated. The walk starts at the end of South Cape Spur 1.
It was an overcast morning and a bit dreary but there was no rain. There was another track that I wanted to check out so I headed off on the Big Lagoon Beach track. The mountains to the west were a little indistinct in the gloom.

To the west

Button Grass Plains
After about 45" I located the track that I wanted and followed it until it almost met the Little Lagoon track. This track was reasonable but is slowly overgrowing. At the end of this track I turned south east and walked towards Eliza Point, initially along a fence line and then an old almost non existent track which has overgrown more since I was here last.

Walking along the fence line.
After some scrub bashing when trying to locate the route I finally reached Little Lagoon Beach which was just as nice as it usually is.

Eastern end Little Lagoon Beach

Little Lagoon Beach
I walked the length of the beach to entrance of Black Swan Lagoon and sure enough there were plenty of swans there.

Little Lagoon Beach

Towards Sullivan Point

The Images

Black Swan Lagoon
I kept going to Sullivan Point and wanted to cross over to the western side on Recherche Bay so I looked for a track but did not see one so just walked across through the bush which was quite easy. As I reached the other side I did locate a track which I would follow back eventually. Over this side of Sullivan Point was really quite nice as well, so I sat on the rocks for a well earned break.

Recherche Bay

Recherche Bay

Fishers Point

Sullivan and Fishers Points
After a while I headed back on the track which went to Quiet Cove and then back to Little Lagoon Beach. Not sure how I missed it on the way in as it was quite obvious. It is private land in the middle of Sullivan Point but a sign shows that access is permitted.

Quiet Cove

Quiet Cove

Once back on the beach I started walking back towards the car via a track that provides a good view of Black Swan Lagoon.

Surf Rolling in
Black Swan Lagoon

Black Swan Lagoon

View from track heading back
The Little Lagoon track is overgrowing also with button grass and cutting grass and is quite indistinct in places. Someone has placed a few tapes here and there which makes it a little easier. I made it back to the car in a shorter time than I had expected.
This is a really nice walk but expect some scrub and cutting grass which will only get worse with time, but the beach and surrounds are worth the effort.
Distance: 16.9 kms.
Time: 4'53"
Ascent: 250 metres
Click here for GPX file.

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